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Sam holds a bachelor's in philosophy from the University of Southern California and is a published research scientist, having spent four years in psychology and neuroscience research at Columbia University. He has conducted work in areas from business/organizational psychology to social and affective neuroscience and, beyond Columbia, has collaborated with researchers at institutions from Stanford to CalTech to Karolinska Institute (Sweden), one of the world’s foremost medical universities. Building upon his deep and nuanced insight into academia, research, and the admissions process at both the undergraduate and graduate levels—as well as his unique knack for both creative and data-based thought—Sam spearheaded the company’s college advising program, Great Minds Advising. His advising team employs cutting-edge strategy and insight into each college’s review process and distinct preferences, while also helping students to intricately craft the intellectual depth, niches, and admissions stories that will set them apart at even the most elite colleges.



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