Jack graduated with distinction from Harvey Mudd College—one of the country’s top math, science, and engineering undergraduate programs—with a B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science. At Harvey Mudd, Jack conducted research on Model Based Reinforcement Learning under Professor Erin Talvitie and serves as a tutor/grader for courses in Discrete Mathematics and Partial Differential Equations, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Science. Jack also received the Greever Award from Harvey Mudd for his outstanding contribution on his Slotting Algorithm Development project. As a tutor for Harvey Mudd’s Community Outreach Program, Jack worked for several years with K-12 students across a whole range of humanities/STEM topics and difficulty levels, including English and writing, and led a mentoring initiative to support the tutors on his team. Jack’s expertise in both STEM and the humanities coupled with his confident, patient approach helps students find their passion for their academic work in high school and beyond.



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