Clarissa graduated from Columbia University with a B.A. in English Literature and a special concentration in Education Policy. During her time at Columbia, she served on the board of the literary magazine The Columbia Review, the oldest college literary magazine in the nation, and as an on-campus tour guide. She also conducted research on the high school-to-college pipeline, collaborating with professors to better understand the factors that contribute to college success by interviewing students, composing literature reviews, and analyzing interview/survey data. Beyond academia, she has worked for college advising nonprofits and in classrooms across New York City as a teacher, tutor, and advisor—helping to design an SAT/ACT curriculum and assisting immigrant students with navigating the complex process of college applications. Together, Clarissa’s diverse experiences from research to the classroom to private practice have given her a deep understanding of the college admissions process, solidifying her passion for building students’ candidacies and working with them to gain admission to their dream schools.



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